Global Employer of Record

Hire top talent anywhere in the world without an entity.


How does it work?

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Photograph by Marcus O’Leary

As we say, the global work evolution is here. Companies like yours are gaining a competitive advantage by hiring top talent all across the world.

Unfortunately, the mired landscape of ever-changing regulation and compliance can prove challenging. Challenges include:

  • Employment laws.
  • Tax regulations.
  • Payroll laws.
  • Multilingual contracts
  • International benefits administration

Not to mention the need to establish and maintain an entity in-country, which usually proves to be expensive and time-consuming.

Fortunately, that’s our problem. Not yours.

With our Global Employer of Record solution, we serve as the employee’s legal employer of record, not you. You manage your rockstar international team’s day-to-day activities, while we worry about all the related employment and HR compliance.

With Listo’s Global Employer of Record service, you get to focus on what’s most important: your people. Leave the complicated regulations and compliance to us.

Global Employment, Simplified.

Seamless Onboarding

Easily onboard a new international employee in days

Approve Payroll with a Click

View your international team and pay them quickly, all in one place.

Legal Protection

Compliant employment contracts and IP protection in over 150 countries.

Expert Guidance

Global Business Advisors stand ready to answer all of your global expansion questions.