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Take Control of International Payroll

Pay your global team quickly, compliantly, all in one place.


One localized solution for global payroll

You've established an in-country entity, have a local bank account, found and employed your rockstar international team. Now, you've got to pay them.

But administering payroll compliantly across borders is difficult. Payroll regulations vary country-by-country. Taxes, social benefits, employer contributions, foreign money movement, and variable exchange rates complicate the process.

Wouldn't it be better to make one monthly payment, one place, and let someone else handle the complexities? We think so.

Executing accurate, timely payroll is absolutely critical for every business. At Listo, we work with vetted payroll experts all around the globe to manage your global payroll processes, ensure that all your employees get on-time, accurate payments, all while maintaining local compliance with local, national, and international regulations.

Handle your global payroll needs with one single solution. Meet your payroll needs all while managing costs with Listo's single-point payroll solution.

One stop payroll shop

Experience stress-free payroll management with a single point of contact for your payroll services anywhere in the world.

Total Compliance

Fully managed payroll includes submitting statutory filings, producing payslips, and year-end reports across jurisdictions.

Your global payroll expert

Combine our global expertise with local knowledge across 150+ countries.

Accurate. Timely.

Seasoned payroll experts execute each cycle with total accuracy. Employees paid accurately, on time, every time.

Paid Accurately.On Time.Every time.