Global Talent Recruiting

You pick the country, we'll find your people.

Hiring remote allowed me to scale my engineering team. With Listo the process was easier than expected.

Find your outstanding international team

Entering a new market, and need a sales professional? Creating the next great tech product, and need a team of software pros? We've got you covered.

Exploring new global markets is exciting. Talented, professional people all over the world can help your team and business thrive. But how do you find them when they're a world away?

That's where we come in. You give us the details of the teammate you're looking for, and we'll leverage our vetted network of international recruiting professionals to source the cream of the crop.

What's more? Once you've approved a candidate, we can even employ them for you. You manage your team and leave the complexity of global employment to us.

Ready to dive in?Let Listo Global help you find your dream team!